Confirming GoPro Hero 9 camera support

I’ve read every forum post related to this, and somewhat unsure on the correct answer. If I were to use two GoPro Hero 9 cameras, are they supported in the current software release? In past forum posts, I’ve seen users needing to run a new registry value in Windows and/or disable audio to make Hero 9 work. Would I still need to do all that for the Hero 9’s to work?
I currently have one GoPro Hero 9 and I would rather buy a second Hero 9 for only $250, rather then having to buy two new Hero 10’s ($600+), which is the GoPro version that is supported and recommended.
Thank you for the work you do with ActionStitch, as this is a solution that has been needed for some time now.

Yes, the registry edit detailed in Failed to read frame . . - #17 by gchen is still needed.

However, the audio issue described in Mixing GoPro 9 and 10? - #5 by adam.bungay has been fixed in the latest 1.0 release so you don’t need to disable the audio.

Thank you for your reply. Do I need to make the registry edit each time I run the program to stitch video, or do I just have to add it once and never again?
Thanks again.

Only once. No need to do it every time.