3D base and overhead shade

Has anyone played with making a base and adding a snap on shade of some sort?

@thunderphill did you ever arrive at a solution for affixing a shade of some sort?

I have not, it is cold here in Ohio so not found a solution yet. I’m thinking of a fan and shade solution as I use an external battery pack anyways

This is something I’ve been looking at too. I’ll likely start some CAD drawings soon.

My thought was similar… Sunshade, external battery to run cameras and a fan, sidewalls to channel airflow from front to back.

I had the cameras overheat a few times during basketball season indoors. When lacrosse gets to July, they don’t stand a chance, so need some major cooling.

I’m thinking 3D print in white plastic to reflect sunlight. When I get something worth looking at, I’ll post it here.

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Looking for a similar solution here too. would be great if some 3D model designer can create a box instead of just base to hold the cameras, with the opinion to attach some kind of shade on top. Box can make is easier to hold a power bank in it. With 2 DJI Action 3 I have, their batteries still don’t last long enough for a game with overtime (recording in 4k).