ActionStitch hanging not able to start stitching process

I am trying to use ActionStitch for soccer games. I have two GoPro Hero 10’s recording each side of the field in 5.3K tripod mode. Over a year ago, I was able to download and run actionstitch (version .07) and I was able to stitch one game together. However, my computer was a little slow at the time so I didn’t really take it any further.

Recently (around Nov), I got a new computer that is much faster and was going to try ActionStitch again, buton my new computer I have never been able to get actionstitch to run reliably and I have not been able to test it, I do not know why. I am able to start actionstitch and select camera models and the videos to stitch, but this is where I start running into issues.

After loading the pictures, I am able to play and pause the video, I am even able to use the frame forward buttons, but when I try to frame backwards, the video does not move back and after clicking the frame back button play and forward no longer work. At that point, the video is just hung. Trying to quit the program from the tool tray does work, after a very long delay.

After restarting and selecting the videos, when I click on sync on audio, most of the time it does not do anything. The progress bar comes up and says it may take more than a minute, but when it completes it does not change the frame counter on either side. However, if I click on ‘sync’ I do get the option to click on ‘stitch’. but clicking on ‘stitch’ does not bring up the stitching window like it is supposed to.

I am not sure is there is a licensing issue, I have not seen a licensing error. But I do see that when I go to about in the tool tray it says “it says computer is not eligible for trial”. Is the licensing somehow to my IP address? I am running Windows 11, could there be a compatibility issue. The video files are kind of large around >20GB per camera per half but is seems that others have been able to stitch 5.3K video. Is there a way to check the video files? They seem to play just fine, could the MP4join process have messed something up?

There is no need to use MP4join to combine raw GoPro videos – you can select multiple videos for each side and ActionStitch will treat them as a big one.

If you PM me the hostname of your computer I can reset the trial license for you.