AI ball tracking

I’m happy to announce that I have been able to devise a ball tracking algorithm which works well enough to be actually used. Here is a sample video: New York Elite Alleycats 2009 vs Met Oval Academy 2009 9/18/2022 first half - YouTube

If you want to have your video tracked, please post the link in this thread and also indicate the camera used to shoot the video.

looks good from bravo, can it also zoom in?
Does this program also support 360° videos?

Very cool stuff. I am guessing it only works on larger balls not tennis balls

You can use a video player that can zoom in. I don’t plan to add zoom-in as the current implementation already preserves the original resolution.

No, it can only handle180° videos.

It really depends on the ratio of the ball size to the frame size. My ball tracking algorithm works surprisingly well that it can detect a soccer ball near the far corners which I think is fairly similar to a tennis ball in a close-up.

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Does it work with the perspective view too?

I only tested it on cylindrical videos but I think it should work on normal videos too. It is also possible to transform the cropped video into the perspective view but I haven’t done that.

This looks amazing! Currently doing this by reframing the final video using a lot of manual keyframing. Any idea how long until we can try this out, even as an alpha/beta?

Anything we can do to help? I can provide example videos including daytime/nighttime games if it helps.

Yes I would like to see how well my AI tracking implementation work on your videos. Please post them here or PM me the links if you don’t want to share publicly.

I’m currently using another program (Autocam) to take the stitched videos and then crop them to 1080 with ball tracking It does a decent job, but often times it will focus on total movement vs. ball movement I feel like. So it works well for flag football, but makes more than a few mistakes in soccer on a full-size field. Would love to compare the two results, especially because of how well the stitching works and all the support you provide.

I will post a video tomorrow after tonights game.

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I have added 3 games to this folder: ActionStitch games - Google Drive

I’m uploading another one right now too. Should be 2 daytime and 2 nighttime

These are all recorded using the gamsod at 4k60 and the 3D printed mount
In all of them one side is a bit blurrier than the other, pretty sure one of the cameras I received was defective, so I’m working on a replacement. Hopefully those are still clear enough for the tracking to work.

Is your AI tracking something you can share?
I’m curious what platform you are using? Tensor, PyTorch, OpenCv?

The code is not ready to be released or shared. It is mostly PyTorch.

Are you still looking for games? I have a couple soccer from this weekend but tend to upload to youtube

If it is a 11v11 soccer game taken by GoPro 10 or 11 please send it to me. The network model has to be retrained for different sports/cameras.

Sorry Gamsod cameras

awesome. When are you planning to release it? I used AutoCam with limited success (not enough ball tracking). thx