AI ball tracking

I’m happy to announce that I have been able to devise a ball tracking algorithm which works well enough to be actually used. Here is a sample video: New York Elite Alleycats 2009 vs Met Oval Academy 2009 9/18/2022 first half - YouTube

If you want to have your video tracked, please post the link in this thread and also indicate the camera used to shoot the video.

looks good from bravo, can it also zoom in?
Does this program also support 360° videos?

Very cool stuff. I am guessing it only works on larger balls not tennis balls

You can use a video player that can zoom in. I don’t plan to add zoom-in as the current implementation already preserves the original resolution.

No, it can only handle180° videos.

It really depends on the ratio of the ball size to the frame size. My ball tracking algorithm works surprisingly well that it can detect a soccer ball near the far corners which I think is fairly similar to a tennis ball in a close-up.

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