Autocam - AI powered software uses neural networks and computer vision to digitally pan and zoom in on the recording

Hi, I’m Dalibor, CEO at Once sport which has created Autocam software. It is a great add-on to the Action Stitch. If you want to try it please visit Use AI technology to create TV-like footage from panorama videos

Since it is AI-based we need to train the neural network and feel free to send us examples where it doesn’t follow the players correctly.

Does this work post recording or during live play?

I’m currently filming with an Insta 360 one rs 1ince, and follow the ball in post-processing at 6x speed. Of course, it would be great if your program could also work with 360° videos, then I would save myself the effort of around 20-30 minutes ?
I hope you can help me, thanks

It can work live if you have rtsp or m3u8 stream available. Do you have it? or you can use it for post-match processing.

Unfortunately doesn’t work with 360 degreee video. Is it possible to send me example to so we can check if possible to adopt it. Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately the link doesn’t work, can you send me the link in my email?

Hi, I have sent you an email. Please check it.

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