Cad file for sunshade

I created this huge post and then found out I can only share 2 links at a time. So I shortened it for just 1 piece for now. I will include all the additional stuff at a later time (custom camera mount with fans, power bank mount, parts list, etc.)

I know a few of you have been asking for one, I made a quick and dirty sunshade that fits on top of the cameras. It is held on by friction just like the cameras are held into the base. I have used it in a heavy downpour and it seems to help the cams stay dry. I haven’t used it in heavy sun yet, but mixed with the 2 USB fans, there shouldn’t be any issues. You may want to secure it with a band or something, but so far it hasn’t flown off. Only downfall to this style, is unless you are using the remote, you have to take the shade on and off to start and stop the cams. Not a big issue, but a small annoyance. The shade is NOT visible in the cams and it is sized JUST SMALL enough for those of us with smaller 150mmx150mm 3d printer beds.

CAD link-

Gamsod Sunshade- 3D design Sun shade v1 | Tinkercad

If anyone has any questions or wants to see any photos just let me know. I hope this helps some of you out!

Just a heads up on this shade/rig setup. I ran 2 Gamsod 4k/60 (at 4k60 as well) cams this weekend in 100 degree heat with the shade and my 2 little USB fans on their lowest setting and never had an overheat issue. Cams were running for an hour and a half each time. Seems to work great!