Camera selection for basketball

I am totally new here. I have been looking for a way to record games without manning a camera. Actionstitch looks promising. Here are my needs:

I record around 4 games on any given evening. Currently, middle school games that last 45 minutes to an hour. I am busy keeping books, the scoreboard or coaching. Currently, I have a DJI pocket2 and the school uses an iPad. I am unable to spend much time behind the camera, so it is left up to middle school kids.

I think I would like to try Actionstitch, with two GAMSOD 4K/60fps with Ambarella H22.

  1. Does anyone have footage with this setup?
  2. How long of a battery life do these have? The DJI Pocket2 battery is very short and I can’t trust the kids to charge it correctly.
  3. Any better setup?
  4. Which Amazon version (US) do I need of the GAMSOD?

Sorry for the newb questions, just looking for a solution.

This is a sample video: ActionStitch Player

The battery in GAMSOD is pretty weak and I don’t think it can even last 30 minutes. I always hang a power bank on the tripod to supply the power.

This is the one I bought: Unfortunately it is not available now, but I think it is being replaced by this one: