Can I use an iphone

Hi was wondering if the footage from an iphone would work with actionstitch I have an iphone 14 and a Samsung S21 which both record in 4k at 60fps?

Technically it is possible. Both iphone 14 and Samsung S21 have wide angle lens with a FOV of 120 degree. I think it usually means the diagonal FOV, and the horizontal FOV may be around 100. Not ideal, but it should work.

I seem to be getting a strange distortion like its both stretched and incomplete in the right-hand video it seems fine on the left side can I sent you a sample of the footage?

You need calibration files for both phones in order for the stitching to work correctly. Go to Calibration Checkerboard Collection | Mark Hedley Jones, pick the first A4 checkerboard then show in on a big monitor or TV. Take a video of the checkerboard like this video: and send the video to me.

The camera settings used to take the calibration video must be the same as those used for the game.

hi what email address do I send the files to I sent a link to them to the forum email address.

You can send the link to me in a private message on this forum.