Center Line on basketball court curved

I ran into an issue from this weekend video. The right side video’s don’t stitch and cannot make into one. Could it be the center line too distorted? Program issue?

How big of file can you stitch together? I put all files from each camera into file via Adobe but it seems that it does not want to stitch either but could be an issue from above.

That is usually caused by shooting the videos in a mode (resolution, distortion, etc) that doesn’t match the calibration. What camera is this and which video mode did you use?

If you think this is a different issue, share the videos here or send them via PM.

It is Gamsod camera
4k60 Resolution
10min Segments
Audio On
VideoEncode H.264
Gyro EIS Off
Meter Mode Spot in center
Exposure 0
Shutter Auto
Iso Auto
AWB Auto
Scene Mode Auto
Sharpness High
IQ High
Filter Normal

The files are a couple gig each but can share if needed. I have tried Single file and merged. I tried older video and it worked well so I had to have messed something up

Here is a link to the two files. Amazon Photos

Doing some more digging I found the log and got
2022-12-05 15:01:09,479 WARNING OpenCV(4.5.5) D:\a\opencv-python\opencv-python\opencv\modules\calib3d\src\fundam.cpp:385: error: (-28:Unknown error code -28) The input arrays should have at least 4 corresponding point sets to calculate Homography in function ‘cv::findHomography’

The field is too plain for the stitching algorithm to find enough feature points. If you fast forward to about 2:13 when the game was about to start, that is a good scene for stitching:

A great addition to the program would be a time out as stitching for 10 mins when the 4 points or it saying needs more in the overlap. I have to force stop when I look at the log and it says it don’t have the 4 points.

Here is very same setup except I ran it through Adobe Premier to put the chunked videos together and it just sits at Stitching.

This is a bug when there weren’t 4 points needed for stitching. The error wasn’t correctly handled causing the stitching dialog to get stuck.

You don’t need to use Adobe Premier to merge multiple videos into one – the video selection dialog should allow you to select multiple videos at once. I guess the merge step may degrade the video quality and thus affect the stitching algorithm.

I’ll try tonight with higher level videos and multiple selection. Is there any way to bump up the video resolution in the program? I have original in 4K and can put them any value you want me to try. Thank you for all the support you give us!