Did I buy the right GAMSOD camera?

I just bought actionstitch and going through the camera options they mentioned the GAMSOD 4K 60 FPS. Is this the right camera?

Amazon Link

No that is not the same one. This is the one we support: Amazon.com (which is unfortunately not available now).

Crap…I think I did the same. I assume you have to have a camera with a H22 Ambarella sensor? I bought this…[Amazon Link] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BM8WCVLC?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1)

Would any Amberella H22 camera work? What’s wrong with the camera linked above?

What jumped out at me was that in the reviews it said in 4K it only did things in 5 minute increments of recording if you go over 5 minutes. Then I dug deeper and realized there was another version that had the H22.

The sensor in https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09NM6TC1S is IMX377, whose size is 1/2.3".

The sensor in https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BM8WCVLC is IMX386 which is 1/2.9".

So they are different models for sure. By just looking at the sensor size I can say that B0BM8WCVLC isn’t worth buying.

Well that stinks. I guess I’ll return the B0BM8WCVLCs I got. I was just looking at the OSMO 3 or 4, but seeing as you have to download a specific app to get the camera to work the first time, I don’t know how I feel about that. Especially with multiple cameras. I don’t really want to spend that kind of money either. I see GoPro 8 is in the software…looks like you can pick up used ones of those for pretty cheap. Do you have any sample video of GoPro 8 after stitching? Curious about the quality of it.

You can find a GoPro 8 video here: 2 observations relative to stitching and exposure

I would recommend GoPro 9 instead, since it has a max resolution of 5.3k, and in my opinion there isn’t much video quality improvement from 9 to 12.

I think I saw the comment on the review that you did.

Splitting a continuous recording into multiple files is necessary as there are file size limitations. This is especially noticeable when recording at higher resolution and frame rates. Editing video from fall football using a gopro at 4K was challenging with the multiple files and unintuitive file naming convention. You don’t lose any of the video, it’s just split up into a lot of files that need to be imported and lined up in editing software to do anything more with it.

Is there file size limitations on actionstitch or are just saying in general? Last year I ran a setup of 3 iPhones recording in 4K 30fps and I stitched it together on my mac using final cut pro multi cam edit. Working with files that large was a challenge at first, but I got it sorted out. I’m hoping ActionStitch is a better option for me though with less cameras (only 2) and less files to work with. I’m going to try and give it a go this weekend with my son’s tournament. I like the idea of the easier setup from the 3d mold and the GoPro 10. The iPhones were a challenge because I needed apple watches to try and see the “view” of the phones. With tournaments it’s impossible to setup too far in advance that it was a nightmare. I pasted my first final product below.