Editing video in separate editor

Is there any way to bring a perspective style video into Davinci Resolve for final editing? I want to share these videos with my team families, but don’t want them to have to scroll left/right to watch. I can bring the stitched videos in, but of course they are pinched on the edges. Using the Actionstitch viewer could work, but it is very jumpy following the ball when trying to screen capture. I know there was talk about possibly adding AI to track the ball. What sort of options for final production are available if any?

I think the simplest option for now is to just share the video with the actionstitch player link. It isn’t hard to scroll left/right while watching and you’ll get used to it quickly.

Thanks. So is there no good solution for what I am wanting to do? I would prefer to be able to deliver a finished product rather than having the coach/the families have to scroll. Especially if they are watching on their phones or tablets. Using the supplied player is really jumpy for even making highlight reels. Need to be able to make smooth transitions otherwise it can be unwatchable.