ETA release for the next version with selectable export bitrate


Do you have an eta release for the next version with adjustable bitrate for the generated stitched video ?

I’ll try to get a new version out this week.

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Try this version:

On macOS, you can change the bitrate by running this command:

defaults write  ~//Library/Preferences/com.actionstitch.ActionStitch.plist video_bitrate 16000000

On Windows, the registry value to set is HKCU\Software\\ActionStitch\video_bitrate

I just tried a bitrate of 30000 (for 30Mbps) as a REG_DWORD type but the video is really small !!!


What is the unit for the bitrate and is a REG_DWORD the right type for this entry ?


I think 30000 means 30k. for 30M you might need to set it to 30000000

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That was it, it worked perfectly :slight_smile:

Just a follow-up, I export the stitched video at 30 Mbps and after that I convert it to h265 at 5 Mbps and the quality is perfect for a smaller file.

Hey there. I installed version 1.0.3 in order to change the video bitrate and I don’t have that option in my registry files. I only have-


There are others as well, but no video_bitrate.

I am still a trial user, does that have something to do with it?

You’ll need to create a new registry value named video_bitrate, as type DWORD, with the desired bps as the value.

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