Ffmpeg failed to combine videos:exit code 1

tried to combine 5 min videos in my MacBook Air m1 with 120gb left of storage. error every time. error message is this " ffmpeg failed to combine videos:exit code 1"

Can you check the log file /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/actionstitch.com/ActionStitch/actionstitch.log to see if there are more information there?

newuser@news-MacBook-Air ~ % /Users//Library/Application Support/actionstitch.com/ActionStitch/actionstitch.

zsh: no such file or directory: username

Replace ' with your username. You can also run this command in Terminal:

ls ~/"Library/Application Support/actionstitch.com/ActionStitch"

You should also see an ffmpeg executable there. That is the ffmpeg that ActionStitch uses, not the system-default one. If you don’t see ffmpeg there, then there must be an error message in the log file explaining what went wrong.