Firefly 8SE version 90 degree or 170 degree?

The Firefly 8SE on Aliexpress appears to sell two versions. The guide says that 170 degree is usually the diagonal not horizontal FOV but should I be purchasing the 170 degree version or the 90 degree version?

The 170 degree version. Its horizontal FOV is about 120 degree.

However, I would suggest getting a different camera from Amazon. Firefly 8SE is just too old. Recently I have been testing a new camera called GAMSOD which works really well and costs $189 at this time. You can find it on Amazon by searching GAMSOD 6k30fps. It claims to be able to do 6k but I think it is not real 6k. At 4k mode the video clarity is on par with GoPro 10.

I also believe this is the same camera as XTU MAX PRO (2022 upgrade) available from Amazon, since they have the same packaging other than different brand names according to some reviews on youtube.

I will update the camera guide to include this camera.

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This is a sample video made with GAMSOD 6k30fps:

ActionStitch Player

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Is there an STL for the 3D printed mount for the GAMSOD Camera?

You can find the mount file here: actionstitch-player/mounts at main · gilbertchen/actionstitch-player · GitHub

Later tonight I’ll update the camera list and you will be able to select this camera.

Is this filmed at 6k30 fps or using the 4k 60fps? Would the 4k60fps work with actionstitch if I wanted higher fps?

It was filmed at 4k 30 fps. The video didn’t look any better in the 6k mode so I stuck with 4k. I didn’t try 4k 60fps either because I think 30 fps is good enough for soccer games.

Would actionstitch cope with 60fps? I would be using it for hockey, with a smaller ball faster shots may not show as well on 30fps

ActionStitch can work with any fps. It is the camera that may not handle 60 fps reliably without dropping frames or overheating. I haven’t tested the 4k 60pfs mode of that camera.