Getting jobs to clear out of the queue

Hey there. Quick question. I can’t seem to clear jobs out of the queue after rendering. I will right click and select remove but when I come back to the program the jobs are still in there which prevents me from being able to delete the source material. Any ideas?

Did you mean that completed job reappeared in the job list after deletion? This could happen if the program doesn’t exit cleanly. However I’m not sure why suh a job would prevent raw videos from being deleted. I’ll have to take a look.

Correct. When I re-open the program multiple jobs show back up that had already been deleted, in some cases multiple times, and as long as they are on the list, I cannot delete the source files. Now that said, I did see in the task tray that there were couple of instances of Actionstitch open, even though I had closed the program. After I closed them I was able to delete my source files again.