GoPro 12 - Players disappear and double at centerline

I’ve got a strange issue with a two Gopro 12 setup.
Both shoot 5.3 standard videos, 25fps - all their settings a perfectly identical.
In the stitched video, when crossing centerline, the players are either in sync, disappearing or doubling.

I’m aligning with audio, then fine-tuning manually.

In the same stitched video, I sometimes get this:


Or this:

Could it be an issue with the Gopro 12 distortion coefficients ?
Thanks a lot for your help (and for the great work Actionstitch is).

The left and right videos are out of sync. This could be caused by a bug in the ‘Align by Audio’ feature (the fps is 25 rather than 30).

You can do a manual align/sync to fix this issue. Find a frame where the ball is moving fast in the middle. Step forward or backward for each side until the ball appears in roughly the same position in both videos. Then click the ‘Sync’ button.

Thank you for this answer - I tried - but it’s the same even when manually adjusted. Probably the 25 fps… I’ll try to record in 30 and will let you know.