GoPro Hero 10 @ 4K?


I was wondering how hard it would be to get a calibration for the GoPro Hero 10 @ 4K rather than 5.3K. I’m shooting indoor for basketball, so I’ve been using the tripod mode @ 4K in order to try to keep my temperature down. Thanks! :sweat_smile:

I uploaded the calibration file: actionstitch-player/gopro_10_4k.npz at main · gilbertchen/actionstitch-player · GitHub

After you download this file, click the Load from file button in the camera selection dialog to select the downloaded file.

Thank you so much! A follow up question regarding my use case: I am often unable to setup my two cameras right at center, so I have to adjust the angles such that I still cover the court (with one camera covering more than the other). It seems to struggle matching these two perspectives. Do you have any recommendation on how I might improve this? Thanks!

You can try a few different frames to see if you can get a better result. For example, select one frame with no players in the middle, and another with several players in the middle.

If you still can’t get good results, can you share the videos with me and I’ll take a look.