GoPro Hero 11 mini

Is anyone here using the Hero 11 Mini for their rigs? I was thinking about trying a pair to see how they work out. I currently use a pair of the Gamsod 4k60 cams, but after exchanging a couple I still have one that is really sharp and one that is only so so. I figure since the hardware and software are the same for the GoPro 11 and 11 Mini, I could save some $$ and go without the screens. I am most interested in the 8:7 aspect for a taller view. Has anyone used the 11’s vs Gamsods in head to head comparisons?

I don’t have a GoPro Hero 11 Mini but I would try to avoid it, mostly because it is more likely to overheat due to the size.

The overheating I am not too worried about since I have a dual fan setup that has allowed my current cams to run without issue in 100 degree+ temps in the full sun. That said, I know the GoPros overheat much quicker than the Gamsods without a fan. My main concern with the Mini is the lack of removable batteries and the issues I have read about online with that. I would go with dual 10’s but I want that 8:7 aspect for a taller view. I have run into issues with wide fields that I can’t go more than 12-13 feet on my tripod or else it is too wide to be covered, have to keep the view flatter and less overhead. I think the 8:7 would mostly alleviate that and I could raise the full 20’ to get a better view on the field.