How to activate license?

Hey, I followed the guide on how to stitch, but when I got to the stitch screen and pressed Start I got an error saying my license was expired. I followed the steps in a different topic, removing the preferences default, and now I get:

License server returned: This computer is not eligible for the 30-day trial

I have purchased a license, but I’m not sure how to activate. I’m on macOS 13.0 (22A380), and when I open the app there’s no menu up top, so there’s no option to activate the license

Look at the menu bar on the top of the screen. To the right there should be a number of icons, one of which should be the icon for ActionStitch. Click on it and select About, and you should see a dialog where you can enter the activation code to activate the license.

Thank you! I was looking for the app menu on the left. I’m using Bartender, so the tray icon was hidden. This worked!