How to PTZ + cut a section of the video on the sides?

Hi there, is it possible to cut part of the final video with a certain pan/tilt/zoom combination pointing to one of the sides?

I looked into the video player code, and saw that the video gets spread over a Cylinder geometry. I’m able to use the video editor, controlling the values on the top-right to get a realistic view, and then I can zoom-in and see that side of the field looking pretty accurate.

I’m just not sure how to get from this point to actually cutting a clip from that angle.

Most editors have the ability to crop and then rotate, which kind-of works, but doesn’t feel as natural as the cylinder view of the video player. Is there some kind of ffmpeg filter I can use to do that? Or some kind of algorithm that I could turn into a filter?

Thank you for your amazing work!

I’ve attached a picture of how I’ve positioned the cylinder, and the frame I’d be interested in cropping:

The recording mode was designed for this purpose: GitHub - gilbertchen/actionstitch-player: 180 degree cylindrical video player

Basically you’ll need to create 2 cropping boxes, one at the beginning time and the other at the end time, in the flat mode. When you click the replay button (in the perspective mode) it will replay the cropped video in a separate window with a pre-defined size. The recording button allows you to save the cropped video, but the video may be lagging depending on your computer. You can also use a screen recording tool to capture the cropped video while it is being replayed.