Insta360 ONE RS 4K

I’m looking forward to trying this solution. Is there a mount available for the Insta360 ONE RS 4K?

I have been looking at the demo - is it possible to generate a “flat” video in the perspective view?

The flat view is too distorted - I am hoping to get a video which is roughly 3840x1080 in the perspective view.


If you can measure the dimension of the bottom of the camera with a caliper, I’ll create a 3d model for you (but unfortunately I won’t be able to test if it fits the camera).

Another option is to get a dual camera mount on Amazon like this one. This should work too, but you’ll need to carefully set the correct angle every time before recording.

On this demo page there is a button on the bottom to switch to the perspective view.

Thank you, I’ll give the mount a go.

Is it not possible to export in perspective view?

You can’t export full 180 FOV in perspective view. That would look awful. You can, however, export a small portion in perspective view with the recording tools in ActionStitch player (and then take a screen recording).

I’m also currently working with the Insta rs, currently filming with 6K 30bit 360° view and setting frames for the tracking.
Of course it would be great if this work would be eliminated.
Anyone else filming with the Insta?

How are you getting on with the Insta? When I tried it overheated and only recorded about 15 minutes.

It works really well now, with 4K without any problems, with 6K I now have a USB fan mounted on the back of the tripod, and now I have no problem filming continuously for 90 minutes

That sounds interesting. Do you have a photo of your set-up, or any video you have produced?


Here you can have a look at the quality of the video, I’ll take a few photos of my setup of the camera this weekend