Looks like a great solution

Well done. I am following your project and hope to use your finished product. Have you considered 3 video feeds? The Raspberry pi camera modules would be a much cheaper alternative than the commercially available units. Just a though.

Earlier versions of ActionStitch did support 3 cameras but I decided to remove it for the first release. Mostly because the cameras need to be 90 degree, for which there aren’t many choices. The only one I know is Firefly 8SE.

I don’t think Raspberry pi can bring down the cost. You’ll need one pi per camera, and the power consumption will be much higher. Those low-end action cameras, as long as they are real 4k, are surprisingly both cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Have now downloaded the 8min game and put it together.
It took me about 3 hours :frowning:
That means I need about 27-30 hours for a whole game, isn’t there a way to stitch everything faster? If I then look at the whole process, I need 2 days until I finally get the desired video.
Step 1: Filming
Step 2: Load individual films onto my hard drive
Step 3: Merge individual films together as the action cams cannot make films over 90-100 minutes.
Step 4: Merge 2 videos on Actionstitch

Steps 2 and 3 aren’t necessary. You can connect action cameras as USB storage and ActionStitch can directly read the video files. Some action cameras may not support this feature or don’t work well as USB storage in which case you can use 2 sd card readers.

There is also no need to merge individual video files first before the stitching. In ActionStitch you can select multiple video files at once – it is designed to work this way.

On my mac mini m1 ActionStitch took 4 hours and 8 minutes to stitch a 35 minute game video. Even 27-30 hours for a game isn’t too bad, considering that most kids usually play one game a week.

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