New OJI action 3 Camera

The New OJI action 3 camera is out. Looks promising!! Can someone design a tripod base for those cameras?


I would go with GoPro 11 that is also released today. Smaller sensor (1/1.9’’ vs 1/1.7’’) but higher resolution (5.3k vs 4k).

It looks like DJI Osmo Action 3 has the same specs as Osmo Action 2, which I own and wasn’t impressed by the video quality.

On the other than, GoPro 11 is definitely an upgrade from GoPro 10 (sensor goes from 1/2.3’’ to 1/1.9").

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I appreciate the feedback!

I missed the memo that that release. :joy:

I just ordered the gopro 11. What do I need to provide to get a tripod base made for those?