No cameras listed in camera menu

I just downloaded the actionstitch software, I downloaded the sample videos but I can’t use the sync button as I can’t select a camera.
Can you help please

The camera list should be automatically retrieved from Can you check the log file to see if there is any error message? On Windows the log file is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\\ActionStitch\actionstitch.log. On macOS, the log file is /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/

Thanks for the reply,
I tried installing on my work laptop as it’s more powerful and I think my proxy server was blocking the list.
I installed on my home pc and the list is there.
I done a conversion of the example files and tried playing it in VLC and it was very glitchy and unwatchable.
Is there anything I could do for this?
Also I have 2 GoPro 5 blacks, these aren’t in the camera list but I can record at 4k so will have to try them.

VLC can’t play videos with such a high resolution. You can use my open-source in-browser video player for ActionStitch videos:

You just need to take a video of a checkerboard like this: and send the video to me.

For the checkerboard I would suggest printing the A2 25mm one from Calibration Checkerboard Collection | Mark Hedley Jones. A a 18"x24" blue print at Staples would costs only $1.89.