Not getting audio output on exported files

I Have exported the same game 3 times with different settings. My source files have audio but the exported videos never do. What am I doing wrong? I have selected audio- Left, Right and None and none of them work. My cameras are Gamsod 4k60. It isn’t SUPER important to have audio but I would love to be able to hear what coach is saying to the players.

Check the log file C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\\ActionStitch\actionstitch.log (on Windows) or /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/ (on macOS).

So the last one that just got done has audio. No idea why the 4th time worked. Do you want me to post the log here or am I looking for something in particular?

There should log messages about extracting audio and combining audio with video. Go back to previous runs to see if there were any error messages.