Osmo Action 4 mount?


I want to try this with two camera’s for a fieldhockey game. I have a osmo action 4 camera and can borrow another. But what sort of mount do you use? Is this only possible to print in 3D? Or are there other options?

Looking at the mount for Osmo, how do camera’s stay on the mount on a 7 meter pole and with the camera’s pointing down to the field? If you print the Osmo mount does it fit on a 7 meter pole?

Thanks for your help!

With kind regards,

Menno van der Veen

It looks like osmo action 4 has the same size as osmo action 3, so this mount here should work:

You can 3d print one on https://craftcloud3d.com/, which should cost less than $20 shipping included. There are other options. However, a 3d-printed mount is the easiest to work with.