Perspective view recording

Is there any way to utilize recording in perspective view or will that ever be able to be added? With the crazy curved edges I can get the video to somewhat normalize horizontally by-

“Camera height” to -500
“Screen Tilt” to +22 to +30
“Focal Length” to about 2500
Use the mouse the move the video up into view

Recording in Flat view makes them look like they are running off a cliff. Was just watching a HUDL video and seeing that their video player somewhat defaults to the settings above. I know all about wide angle curvature, just wondering if there is any way to make a more default viewing angle so the videos are “easier” to watch.

I could simply screen capture my videos if there were hot keys to adjust pan/tilt and left/right. But as is, using my mouse to control motion is far to jerky.

Maybe a system with 3 cameras mounted side by side but oriented vertically so that more top to bottom real estate can be utilized? That way a default view could be made horizontal without seeing the grey curvature of the viewer? No idea if that is possible, just thinking out loud.