Recording and Workflow Recommendations

Hello. I’m looking for some feedback and recommendations regarding recording and the workflow when is time to stitch. Our team just had their second tournament weekend and so far this is what I’ve done to record and stitch both tournaments.

  1. I setup the cameras and start recording a few minutes before the first whistle.

  2. At the end of the first half, I lower the cameras, stop the recording and turn off the cameras.

  3. Just before the beginning of the second half, turn on cameras, press record and raise the cameras.

  4. At the end of the game, lower the cameras, stop recording and turn off.

  5. At home, I create a folder for the game. Within this folder I create two more folders, Left and Right.

  6. Transfer all the files from that particular game from the left camera to the Left folder and then the same for the right camera.

  7. When stitching, I select all the files from the left and right cameras in the correct window of the software. Both halves of the game included

  8. Do all the syncing, first and last frame and press Stitch.

  9. Set the video outline (7000x2100) to frame the game, set the divider and level the scene if necessary.

  10. Press START.

Is there anything I can do to improve the recording and/or stitching workflow?



This is almost the exactly workflow that I followed in the early days. However, I made 2 changes since then:

  1. I don’t stop cameras at the half time and instead let them keep recording til the end. This makes is so much easier when you have several games to stitch at once.

  2. I don’t copy raw videos from cameras to the computer before the stitching. Instead, I remove sd cards from the cameras to 2 sd card readers and immediately start the stitching process.

I appreciate your reply and feedback. I will try both recommendations. I didn’t think of stitching while having the cards in the card reader.

do you use an external battery pack? for a 40 minutes half I battery only last for 1 half. Any issues of overheating? Hero 10 black

I don’t use a battery pack. My son plays U12 and the halves are not 40 minutes. Today I left the cameras running for the whole game including the halftime. Both cameras had about 21% left of battery. Using 2 Gopro 11s with enduro batteries.

I forgot to comment if I had issues or not with overheating. Right now, no issues. I live in Houston, TX. Temperatures have been mild so far. I will have to see when we start playing in August/September where the temperature will be in the upper 90s.

Are you disabling Hypersmooth?