SJCAM SJ10 Pro as a potential alternative to the GAMSOD?

The recommended GAMSOD 4K60FPS camera is no longer available and the current models available either do not have the Ambarella H22 processor or the Sony IMX377 sensor.

The SJ10 Pro has both. I have no experience with this camera. SJCAM cameras have so-so reviews in general. Has anyone used this camera or tried it with Actionstitch?

I wondered this too, but then I just decided to get (2) GoPro 10s and suck it up. They have been tested, and there’s lots of options for them. I looked heavily at the SJ10 Pros though.

@gchen of the supported cameras that are readily available, what model produces the best video using Actionstitch?

GoPro. I own GoPro 10 and 11, and their video quality is about the same. Other users have sent me GoPro 9 videos, and I feel there is no noticeable difference between 9 and 10/11 in terms of video clarity. GAMSOD 4K60FPS is a good choice if it is available, but its max resolution is only 4k.

SJCAM SJ10 Pro may work equally well as GAMSOD 4K60FPS but it is 50% more expensive. At that price if it were me I would go with GoPro 9 or 10.

Great, thank you. What about the GoPro 12? What is required to get that supported? Just calibration files? I ask as there are features on the 12 that I find appealing like being able to preview the video being recorded, the extra battery life, and less prone to overheating. I am aware that turning off unnecessary features like stabilization/GPS on the 10 and 11 will help prevent overheating.

I would wait for the next GoPro which should come out later this year, instead of getting the GoPro 12 now. GoPro 10 is good enough for me, and with 2 aluminum cases I have never had the overheating problem.

Great, thanks again. Just purchased two GoPro Hero 10s refurbed from GoPro on eBay. Should be here by 4/20. Looking forward to trying it out.

You have an aluminum cage you recommend? How do the cameras fit in the 3D printed base with the cage on the cameras?

I got this one:

If you already have the 3d printer base, you’ll need to cut the part that protrudes from the bottom and encloses the camera in order to fit the case, and then attach the case to the base with 2 screws (for each side). I can send you the 3d model with a flat bottom if you want to 3d print it (you’ll still need to drill the holes for screws).