Stitched image field near camera right angle

Currently the stitched image is great wit the exception to the edge near where the camera was. Is this an artifact of using GoPros?

You need to avoid these areas. Either move up the outliner (the white box in the picture below) or reduce its height:

Take a look at the above screenshot. Even if the outliner has overlapped with the 2 white triangles at the bottom, they won’t appear in the final stitched video, because the left white triangle is from the right video and the right one from the left video. Both will be cropped out due to the position of the divider (the red line).

thanks for the reply. I see the triangle thanks. The sidelines are not parallel to the yellow line. It make the filed looks a bit strange. Is there a way for the software to compensate and straighten the white sidelines?

You can use my in-browser player to open the video and then switch to the perspective mode.

For that you’ll need to upload your video to a cloud drive and then append to the url. For example, if your video url is then use this url:

To switch to the perspective mode, click the button on the bottom toolbar.

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