Stitching problem Gopro Hero 11 5.3K 8:7

I change my settings to try the 5.3k 8:7 Wide mode on my setup with GoPro Hero 11 (as already on the drop down) and I’m unable to have a good alignment at the stitching step.

Here is the best result I was able to get :


P.S. I just remarked that in Actionstitch it’s configures “full” for the format. Is it the same as Wide as my gopro is configured ? Wide is the only setting available at 5.3k 8:7.

I can send you another video grab of the checkerboard pattern.

I’m curious if the generation of the configuration is a manual process or if it could be made a standalone tool available to the end user ?


I’m not sure what went wrong with the calibration. Can you share the raw videos?

You have the first 10 minutes for the videos not to be too long.

The calibration data is ok. For some reason the stitching algorithm can only find feature points near the bottom of the scene causing the top half to be off by a lot. A workaround is to use the manual stitch feature, as shown in this screenshot:

This is the result: