Trouble licensing on new machine

I’m running ActionStitch 1.0.4 (also tried 1.0.0) on a Mac M3. When I try to activate my license it gives me an error about being assigned to a different machine. So, I copied and pasted my new computer’s name onto the license on the Action Stitch website. It gives me the same error, but now the computer name matches mine. My computer name has an apostrophe in it, probably a unicode one - which is why I installed 1.0.4 (I saw another thread that said this had a unicode fix).

I’m ok for the next few weeks because it is in trial mode, but would like to get this fixed in the meanwhile.

I figured this out. I renamed my computer to avoid unicode, but that didn’t work. I replaced spaces with ‘-’ in the Action Stitch website and then it worked!

Still a bug, but that workaround is ok by me. So to be clear my computer name has spaces in it, but on I have to replace them with dashes ‘-’