Update on GPU usage for video processing

I read in a past post that you have been working on updating the software to utilize a GPU. That post was last dated January of 2023 and that you might be including GPU support in your upcoming software release. Do you still plan on providing support for GPU in the upcoming release? When do you think this might be?
I have a workstation with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti that I’m interested in using with your software, and seeing to what degree performance (time) would improve.
Thanks again for your continued support.

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I originally planed to add the GPU support during the summer. Unfortunately I spent most of the summer on AI tracking and didn’t have much time to work on anything else, so it make take a while for GPU support to be included in a new release.

With the ball tracking be web service will it be an additional cost? I think most of us would like a product that worked faster. 12-15 hour and only using 20% of the processor it could use a little more that way.

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Agreed… I’ve quit using Actionstich because it is too slow to be useful.
Checking back here periodically to see if GPU support has been added.


yeah Apple Silicon and GPU support would be sweet.