Varying video resolutions

Good morning. Just a couple of quick questions.

1- I have noticed that after getting everything synced and ready and then starting the stitch, I am getting wildly different sized outputs from the same set of videos. Meaning if I take game A, left and right videos and then do the sync, set first, set last, and stitch I just had the resolution need to be 6700x2100 to cover the game, whereas I just went back into the video to re-stitch it and now it only needs to be 6000-6200x2100 to cover. Same video, all the same settings, but the window to cover the field is all of a sudden smaller. I have seen this happen a couple of times. Reason for doing it twice is I am trying high bit-rate outputs with h265 conversion (Trying 30mbps and 50mbps) after the fact vs smaller bitrate outputs without conversion after. That extra 500px of width is nice to have.

  1. Is there any way to disable the Actionstitch logo?


There is some randomness in the stitching algorithm so it may produce different results in each run. What cameras are you using and what is the angle between them? If the overlap isn’t enough then the results may vary a lot. Try to find a good frame for stitching. The moment before the kick-off when every player is stationary is what I would recommend.

I use the Gamsod 4k60 cams with a modified version of your 3d printed mount (angle is unchanged) at approx 17-19’ up. Are you saying that before I hit the stitch button I should simply choose a frame with more players on the field? I was excited when I was able to do a full 6700px width as it is about 10% more width then I usually get.