Watching Videos back from Hard Drive using Actionstitch viewer?

Is it possible to watch videos back using the actionstitch viewer from the hard drive? I haven’t been able to sort out how to linkthe file

This is what I usually do: download play.html from to the folder where the stitched video is. Then run python -m RangeHTTPServer from that folder. Open browser to visit

I am struggling to understand these instructions

First you need to have python installed. If not go to to download the installer and install it.

In a DOS window run these commands:

python -m pip install RangeHTTPServer
cd \path\to\video\directory
python -m RangeHTTPServer 

The first line is to install the RangeHTTPServer module. And play.html should be placed under \path\to\video\directory along with the video file.

Now you can open your browser and enter this address: