Weird Stitching Problem

Here is a screen gab but no matter what I do it always gives a black box in the lower right corner. As you can see in the background the camera has a lot of area there. It was a windy day so the tripod was moving some but never encountered this issue.

Side note I think the left camera is soft on the right edge for some reason. It is an GAMSOD and even though they are both in a 3d printed base they never show the same magnification as the right is just a little tighter than the left (Yes I have labled them to make it easier to stitch don’t have to guess which is which).

The mount was perhaps tilted towards the left. You can fix it by pressing on the green up and down arrows on the left side to rotate the frame clockwise.

I guess the lens may be out-of-focus. It may be possible to adjust the focus yourself but it is very difficult.