Working file for Camera Mount STL

Is there a version of the camera mounts for easy import into fusion 360 or some other editor to make our own edits?

You can import STL’s into fusion and convert the STL so the faces can be edited but the faces are often not accurate for modification.

I made them with Tinkercad. Here is the link to the GAMSOD model if that is what you wanted:

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Perfect this is exactly what I was after. Thank you!

Can we have the Hero 10 as well? I’d like to make some mods.

This is the link to the GoPro Hero 10 mount: 3D design gopro 10 mount v2 | Tinkercad

What Mods are you making?

I created a base that connects to a tripod mount. I connect the top of my tripod to the light stand instead and the base slides on and off as a regular tripod mount would. This is a very solid connection. I didn’t want $700 worth of cameras held on by a tiny bit of thread in plastic.

I also made a cutout on the back section where the camera screens are. The gamsod has a screen that goes lower than the walls in the uploaded model (see last picture) and I couldn’t click the menus with the cameras mounted in the base because the walls would be in the way.

That’s a great idea!! Do you mind sharing your file?

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I have sent it to you by direct message as I couldn’t upload the fusion 360 file format here

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this is great. Do you mind sharing the file? thx

It would be cool if could add loops or something to secure additional battery and to hold the cameras in.

Has anyone looked into a top to keep weather off the cameras too? I’m thinking of running without batteries inside so would need doors open to have cable access.

I had already printed and was overseas by the time I thought of it but while overseas I cut a slit in the back behind each camera, marked in red, and put 10mm wide velcro through it and around the front to hold the camera.

The cutout circled enables you to use the GAMSOD camera with its USB C door open and powered through a battery bank. I filmed across 5 days of play and used battery banks with 2 x 3m long USB C powering the cameras from a single battery bank instead of the supplied batteries. I remove the batteries from the device to try and ensure the camera didn’t overheat, it was still red hot when I turned it off.

The only downside to having no batteries inside the GAMSOD is that the clock is reset every time you take the power out so none of your files are recorded with accurate time in the metadata. The files are still numbered sequentially however, so if you have a run sheet and don’t care about the metadata you can name files later if required. Or you could reset the time every day and keep them plugged in for the duration.

If you are using the GAMSOD outdoors it is likely to overheat if you a very sunny day, as it was red hot to touch just from the battery bank. A cover over the top with reflective tape may be useful.

Can you send me a copy of the file sent?