Y split middle line

Something I have started running into is that the center line in basketball splits and makes an upside down y as of late. Has anyone else ran I to the problem and if so how do you setup not to have that issue? I’m using a 3d printed base on a tripod about 9’ in the air.

Also how is everyone making sure each camera is covering 1/2 the field? Short of both cameras having Wi-Fi on and a phone tablet when in the air any other suggestions? I had kids bump the tripod today and ended up turning just enough that center court was off.

Can you upload a screen shot?



Something that has showed up recently vs some of the other I’ve had

The middle line is curved in opposite ways. This makes me believe that you didn’t select the right camera model, or the videos were not shot with the supposed settings.

Gamsod 60k30FPS
Auto Dormant Off
Auto Power Off Off
Language English
Video Format PAL
Frequency 50hz
Voice Volume Default
SubScreen Dispaly Full Display
Resolution 2.7K50 Segmetn 10Min
Audio On
VideoEncode H.264
Gyro EIS Off
Meter Mode Spot
Exposure 0
Shutter Auto
ISO Auto
AWB Auto
Scene Mode Auto
Sharpness High
Image Quality High
Filter Normal

I’ll factory reset both camera’s if you think that is the problem but both cameras are the same and selected the right in the program.
Could it be cuz it is set for EU settings vs NA settings?

The Gamsod camera from the dropdown list in the camera selection dialog is for 4k only. So you’ll have to take the videos in 4k mode.