Pixellot air support

Would love to be able to provide whatever is needed to use files taken from a pixellot air.

I’ve tested ActionStitch using the “GoPro Hero 10 Black 5.3k” camera profile, and it seems to work okay but if use specific settings would be better I can provide whatever might be needed.

The Air records to .ts files. I can load them into ActionStitch and it shows a preview but it can’t play or stitch, so I was curious if there was something needed to support that, rather than having to convert to mp4. I can provide a set of test files if that would help.

Thank you!

Send me one .ts file (as a link using Google Drive or Dropbox for example). I will look into it.

Is it easy to download those .ts files from pixellot air?

Can you also take a calibration video for stitching? You can find instructions at WOLFANG GA420 Camera and/or support - #2 by gchen

I have sent the link via PM for the requested files. Please let me know if the calibration video is sufficient or not, I can redo it if needed.

Yes, it is fairly easy to download the files from the pixellot air.

Thank you!

One other thing provided in the pixellot air files are .m3u8 files, one for each camera. Not really a high priority as it would be easy enough to select all the .ts files for each side but just thought I’d make a note of that in case the functionality could be added easily.

I sent you the stitched video via PM.

There were 2 obstacles to overcome. First, opencv seems to have difficulty reading the correct number of frames in pixellot .ts files. I tried different versions but they all got it wrong.

So the only way to proceed is to convert .ts to .mp4 using ffmpeg. This is super fast since you don’t need to re-encode individual frames:

ffmpeg -i input.ts -c copy output.mp4

However, the two videos files you sent me have slightly different frame rates after the conversion (29.99 vs 30). The current version of ActionStitch requires left and right videos to have the exact frame rate. I had to make a quick fix to make the stitching work.

Here is the calibration date I created from the video you sent me:

  "distortion_coefficients": [-0.25331619209285566,0.6505123253485627,0.00016227592023339738,0.0001487809929507759,0.1342706925728694,0.10725614199704549,0.47625065523984317,0.4035939977828667,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0
  "intrinsic_matrix": [1875.22213122358,0.0,1997.0113688941537,0.0,1874.983157066462,1152.325256542006,0.0,0.0,1.0

Save this to a json and then click on the “Load from file” button in the camera selection dialog. If the 2 mp4 videos have the same frame rate then you should be able to stitch. Otherwise, I’ll need to make a release to relax the frame rate requirement.

Thank you so much for this! I am trying to do the entire length, 69 minutes. Says it’s going to take about 2:50.

And yes, the conversion(ts->mp4) was very quick, took less than a minute I believe for all 140 files

Are there logs somewhere? I do have ffmpeg installed. I only get this when trying to do multiple files, do you think this has to do with the fps issue?

vince@Vincents-MacBook-Pro test % whereis ffmpeg  
ffmpeg: /opt/homebrew/bin/ffmpeg /opt/homebrew/share/man/man1/ffmpeg.1
vince@Vincents-MacBook-Pro test % echo $IMAGEIO_FFMPEG_EXE
vince@Vincents-MacBook-Pro test % 

This bug has been fixed in the latest version: Upgrade/updates - #4 by gchen

If you don’t want to re-stitch the entire video, you can manually run ffmpeg to create the final video following instructions in Ffmpeg missing on Macbook - #3 by gchen

I’ll release a new version to handle slightly different frame rates in left and right videos.

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