Use one Hero 9 and one Hero 10 to capture 180 degree videos

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Is it possible to use one Hero 9 and one Hero 10 (different models) to record 180 degree video with ActionStitch?

If so, do you have a 3D file of a camera mount for one Hero 9 and one Hero 10?

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I don’t have a Hero 9, but I read somewhere that Hero 9 and 10 have the same physical size so the mount for Hero 10 should work.

But Hero 9 needs calibration. Can you take a video of a checkerboard like this: and then send the video to me?

For the checkerboard you can download the A2 25mm one from Calibration Checkerboard Collection | Mark Hedley Jones. It costs only $1.89 to print a 18 inch by 24 inch blue print at Staples.

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I printed the A2 25mm checkerboard onto 18 inch x 24 inch paper and took the following video:

Is the above video suitable for calibration?

[…] the mount for Hero 10 should work.

The STL file for the GoPro 10 was created in mm, wasn’t it?

Does the mount have a thread to be screwed onto a tripod?

Can you please recommend a material for 3D-printing the mount?

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That video is only 2k (1920x1080). Can you take another one at 5k (I believe it is 5120x2880)?

HyperSmooth must be turned off.


It does have a 1/4-20 UNC thread that should fit most tripods.

I mostly use PLA with 30% infill and the 3d print turns out great. It doesn’t need to be very strong so I think most materials should work.

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I recorded another video of the A2 25mm checkerboard with my GoPro 9 at 5K, 30 FPS, wide lens and HyperSmooth off:

Can you work with this video?

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I uploaded the calibration file to actionstitch-player/gopro_9.npz at main · gilbertchen/actionstitch-player · GitHub.

After you download this file, you can click the load from file button on the camera selection dialog to select this file.

The reprojection error that indicates the calibration quality is 0.087. It is acceptable but not very good – I usually got it down to 0.05. Let’s just see how the stitching turns out.

So you could also film with two Gopro 9, if you already had one of them and then I wouldn’t have such high acquisition costs, thanks in advance

@bernd.christiansen did you get a chance to stitch the video with the GoPro 9 calibration file?

Not yet, but I did receive the 3D-printed mount and a GoPro 10. For testing purposes, would you like me to record a video in a specific mode?

No, I was just wondering if the calibration was right. If you don’t mind, can you share the stitched video once it is done?